Fale o le Fetu is the Home of the North Star. Home to a portfolio, blog and general info website for yours truly.  

The name is in Samoan, Fale meaning House and o le Fetu meaning Star. This is based on my middle name Fetu o le Afiafi the Evening Star. My maternal Grandmother named all her first born grandchildren. It is also the village motto of Faga’alu, my hometown.

I wanted to do my own spin on Haus, which is often used to describe fashion lines or galleries. I also wanted to ensure I stayed true to who I am as a Pacific Islander designer and represent my language and culture.

My Portfolio is split into different types of projects or items I’ve worked on. I do a lot of pro bono work for my Mum (because she’s my mother and you listen to her or else it shall haunt you forever). Other items will include actual work for customers in which I may get paid for. Different items I may put up for sale on either Etsy or TeePublic. And then for those random presents, I make for my nephews & nieces.

My Blog is a mix of different categories. I have a passion for Family History and as a European Pacific Islander (fancy way of saying afakasi, because afakasi is really just pronouncing Half Cast in Samoan), there are so many interesting and heartbreaking stories to be found. The occasional Random Thought may be posted, as well as the ever-present Life Lessons, and Inspiration.

I hope you do find inspiration or gather your own conclusion on the craziness that is me.